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If you are looking for a family GP in the Norwood / Houghton area who combines different health-focused modalities to help patients to attain optimum health, Dr Terry Serrebro at Thrive Medical should be your medical doctor of choice.

Thrive Medical offers all family health services ranging from testing, diagnoses, treatment and prescription (Dr Serebro is also a qualified Pharmaceutical Dispensing GP). Apart from integrating Functional Medicine and Western Medicine, Thrive Medical is especially known for:

  • General GP Services
  • Medical Weight-loss using the latest, hi-tech, In-Body® composition analysis.
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • The use of smart nutraceuticals to improve health and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle modification to improve diseases of lifestyle, such as:

          - High blood pressure
          - High cholesterol levels
          - Fatty liver
          - Gout
          - Arthritic Conditions
          - Heart disease
          - Diabetes
          - Leaky gut and gut dysbiosis
Family GP Services Houghton - by Dr Terry Serebro family physician offering general GP Services in Houghton and Norwood.
Dr Terry Serebro will either prescribe medicine, or smart neutraceuticals, as is appropriate for the patient to balance hormones.
Lifestyle Modification is a key GP Service offered in Houghton / Norwood's Thrive Medical.

The duration of appointments vary depending on your needs, so be sure to tell us what the appointment is for when you call. Generally:

  • Standard GP Consultations are 15-20min
  • Weight Loss / Functional Medicine first consult is 45min
  • Weight Loss / Functional Medicine second consult is 30min
  • Weight Loss / Functional Medicine subsequent consult is 20min
  • In-Body Analysis varies in duration depending on if you just want a report, or analysis and guidance as well.
I started taking my asthmatic daughter to see Dr Terry from the time she was 2 years old. I could not have asked for a better GP; my daughter absolutely loves her. My daughter is now 5 years old and whenever she's sick she only wants to see Dr Terry! Dr Terry builds a relationship with her patients from day 1. We can always count on dr Terry for our whole family. She even phones to follow up on how we're feeling!" - Yumna Mohammed