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Thrive Medical offers medical weight loss in Norwood, Johannesburg, marked by safe, sustainable weight loss results.

The principle of lifestyle change is at the heart of every medical weight loss programme available today, though each comes with a different set of guidelines and procedures.

Medical weight loss is weight management underpinned by scientific medical research that focuses on the root causes of obesity.

Thrive Medical provides the treatment and guidance to help you achieve your weight loss goals and equips you with the knowledge to maintain your goal weight for life.

What makes us different?

  • Our Medical weight loss physician uses your unique body composition and metabolism as the more exact and true indicators to measure improvement.
  • The tools that we use to help you achieve your weight loss are very different from what you will find in commercial programmes.
  • If necessary, weight loss medication may be prescribed.

The programme:

The Thrive Medical weight loss journey consists of three distinct steps:

Johannesburg Medical Weight Loss Norwood - by Dr Terry Serebro Weight Loss Physician offers weight loss results.


In the discovery phase:

  • We determine where you are and how you got here.
  • Your detailed history shows us how you got to this point, including your eating habits and medications that may hamper weight loss.
  • A full blood profile shows activity on a cellular level.
  • Body composition analysis, using new technology, gives a true picture and reference point for future analysis.
Diet based on blood profile / Diet based on metabolism / Diet based on cellular markers / Diet based on body composition.


In the diet & lifestyle plan phase:

  • We decide how to get you to where you want to be, at your own pace.
  • An innovative eating plan is prescribed.
  • General lifestyle changes are suggested based on your unique markers.
  • We work with any mental blocks possibly hampering you.
  • Weight loss medication is prescribed, if required.
Stay on course with medical weight loss, Norwood - ongoing motivation and course corrections helps you maintain your weight loss.


In the ongoing follow-up phase:

  • Working as a team, follow-up appointments are scheduled.
  • Either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments are scheduled depending on your unique goals and requirements.
  • Progress is recorded.
  • Course-corrections are identified and applied.
  • Our empathy, guidance & support helps keep you motivated!