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Targeted body composition management with In-Body Analysis at Thrive Medical in Norwood, is the future and cornerstone of health restoration and anti-ageing. It is a major weapon against common diseases of lifestyle, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and an irreplacable part of Medical Weight Loss.

The number on your scale does not represent your true weight. The term 'skinny fat' is where a person looks skinny, but is overweight (very high fat levels and too little muscle). When you step on a scale, all it tells you is your total weight i.e. of your muscle, fat, bones and water combined (totalling 100%).

No more skin-fold pinching and the use of inaccurate tape measures!

Thrive Medical offers the most technologically advanced, non-invasive method of body composition analysis available, that provides a detailed breakdown of your ‘true’ weight. You get results you can trust so you can monitor actual fat loss and muscle gain.

All too often, starvation diets result in the wrong kind of weight-loss. The scale might show that you have lost weight, when in fact, you have lost muscle. This does not bode well for long term weight management.

In-Body® analysis is ideal as part of a general GP check-up, a Medical Weight Loss programme, Functional Medicine or even stand-alone body composition testing.

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Johannesburg in-body analysis Norwood - by Dr Terry Serebro body composition analysis showing detailed body composition results.
Diet should be based on body composition; and exercise with your body composition in mind. Measure your body composition with In-Body Analysis.
Stay on course with in-body analysis, Norwood body composition analysis with real, detailed action steps.

In-Body® analysis serves the following functions:

  • Provides a baseline to set goals against
  • Specifies exactly how much fat you need to lose for your age and height
  • Advises exactly how much muscle you need to gain in order to maximise your metabolism
  • Gives you a picture of where on your body excess fat is located and suggests areas of your body to concentrate on when exercising
  • Serves as a motivating tool as you can see exactly how much fat you have lost
  • Provides a precise level to aim at to maximise your health and metabolism.

In-Body® analysis has Clinical & Integrative Medicine applications beyond weight loss:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Advises exactly how much muscle you need to gain in order to maximise your metabolism
  • Hormone management
  • Anti-ageing